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Unleash Your Web Inventory’s True Value

We provide an easy and guaranteed way to revenue from multiple sources across relevant DSPs at the highest bid rates. Become our SSP Partner and maximize your profits!

Partnership Benefits

RTB, XML and Direct Feeds​

Brand-Safe Environment

Ad Exchange Connection

Yield Optimization

Fully Automated

Advanced Reporting API

Withdrawal Methods

Frequently Asked Questions​

What are the requirements?

Any website can join the program. However, we reserve the right to refuse any site containing objectionable material, including explicit language or content, or support for violent or discriminatory groups.

How do I track the performance?

On your Affiliate Panel, go to Reports. You’ll be able to track your traffic, view detailed statistics, customize reports, check your payments and more.

When will I receive my payout?

We send payouts everyday, from Monday to Friday.

How often can I request the payout?

You can request one payout, every week.

How can I contact the finance department?

You can contact our finance department at finance@3dma.co.

How much commission will I earn?

You will earn 10% from each deposit for a lifetime.

What payout methods do you support?
You can check the payout methods here.
How do I sign up?

You can sign up from here.

How are my sales tracked?

Our affiliate links contain unique identifiers, allowing us to track anyone directed from your website. Our tracking system “remembers” your URL, thereby guaranteeing that you will be credited for any deposit that you refer.

Never expires, unless the browser data is cleared. Until the cookie is valid (and present in the customer’s browser/computer), the customer does not need to go through the affiliate’s banner again if he makes a purchase in the future.

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