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Our mission is to achieve your digital marketing strategies and goals.

3DMA is a global digital marketing agency. Founded by three brothers, with love and passion, and with decades of experience in digital advertising and marketing.

From website and mobile app design and development to online marketing campaigns, our self-serve and managed solutions help brands increase visibility, engagement, and revenue.

Explore our projects and find out how we can help.

Why Choose 3DMA?

Top-Notch Advertising

We are focused on investing in a full range of technology products and advertising solutions, ad serving products, ad exchange, and delivering new ways for our publisher partners.

Brand Safety Solutions

We envision a Web that serves up informative, entertaining, and more importantly highly relevant ads without being obtrusive to the consumer. We’re proud to say that 3DMA takes steps every day to bring us closer to that vision.

Experienced Marketers

We have our online marketing experts to maximize your sales and profits along with a track record of excellent services and exceptional results at competitive prices.

Global Coverage

We implement cross-device solutions and direct buys across all countries to maximize coverage.

Transparent Traffic

We strive to offer quality traffic and services for our advertisers at the best affordable rates.

Dedicated Support

We are always ready to provide dedicated support for you 24/7.

Meet Our Team

We commit to excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Evi Savvopoulou Social Media Manager
Girlie Suniega Finance Assistant
Raman Mehta Web Developer
Thomas Theodoridis Digital Media Data Analyst
Denitsa Koleva Accountant
Adi Nugroho Web Developer
Katerina Nasou Web Strategist
Vaseem Shah Web Developer
Andrew Vovk Video Producer
Erekle Gabisonia PDM and App Developer
Jyoti Aggarwal SEO Expert
Eva Kefalopoulou Finance and HR Manager
Elly Selimai Sales Manager
Lavesh Gawade Partner Success Manager
Chris Andreadis Vice President and CCM
Joseph Manelidis President and Legal Manager
Savvas Manelidis Co-Founder and CSM
Alex Manelidis Co-Founder and CTO
Michael Manelidis Co-Founder and CEO

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